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Aluminum repousse panel Defeating the Giant Thailand
Item No.: 149092
Product Name: Aluminum repousse panel Defeating the Giant Thailand
Condition: New
Regular Price: $447.99
Price:$383.99 Availability: In Stock
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Aluminum repousse panel Defeating the Giant Thailand
Product Description:
Thiva Boonnak finds inspiration in the Rammakien, the Thai version of the Ramayana, as she crafts this aluminum repoussé panel with fierce detail. The scene pertains to the chapter in which the evil giant Kumpakan pretends to cut off the water of Ganges River that supplied Rama's camp. He asked for his ladies-in-waiting to bring him flowers growing by the riverside and after casting a spell, he began to grow and grow. He grew so much he just had to lie down across the river, and thus cut off the water. Hanuman, the Monkey King, was sent to investigate what had happened. After impersonating several maids and transforming himself into a hawk, Hanuman reported his findings to Rama, who promptly asked him to break the spell. Weak from the incantation, Kumpakan was unable to fight Hanuman and escaped to Krung Lanka, where the demon king held Sita, Rama' wife, captive. The panel is framed in noble rain tree wood. 
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