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Ladybug Vapor 2150 Steam Cleaner
Item No.: Lady2150-OD
Product Name: Ladybug Vapor 2150 Steam Cleaner
Brand: Ladybug
Condition: New
Price:$1,095.00 Availability: In Stock
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Ladybug Vapor 2150 Steam Cleaner
Product Description:
Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam CleanerThe Ladybug 2150 steam cleaner is the perfect tool for removing stains, germs, mold and mildew from surfaces in homes, autos and more. Like its bigger siblings in the Ladybug continuous fill line, the Ladybug 2150 cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes in one step without harsh chemicals.Ladybug QualityMade from top quality materials, the Ladybug 2150 steamer is as durable as it is easy to use. The design is well-balanced, highly maneuverable and a joy to use, plus the extended heat range of the Ladybug 2150 steamer gives it victory over the toughest stains, which other brands fail to remove. Ladybug also offers a fantastic 4 year warranty on the boiler and 1 year warranty on accessories.Ladybug PowerThe Ladybug 2150 steam cleaner comes complete with an extension rod and a variety of nozzles/brushes for almost every imaginable job. Fingertip controls on the 
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