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Vac Yum Vacuum Cleaner Scent Blue Skies
Item No.: SPM5977378805
Product Name: Vac Yum Vacuum Cleaner Scent Blue Skies
Brand: Generic | UPC: SPM5977378805
Condition: New
Price:$5.77 Availability: In Stock
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Vac Yum Vacuum Cleaner Scent Blue Skies
Product Description:
Vac-Yum Refreshing Scent For Your Vacuum Cleaner. Add 1 Tablespoon Of Crystals To Your Vacuum Cleaner Bag Or Your Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Dust Cup Container To Refresh Your Vacuum Cleaner, Carpets And Your House. Tired Of Smelling Pet Odors The Minute You Turn On Your Vacuum Cleaner? Vac-Yum Will Change That And You Will Smell A Pleasant Aroma Instead Of Stinky Dirt Or Pet Odors. As You Vacuum Air Is Circulating Throughout Your House, Your Carpets And Entirely Through Your Vacuum Cleaner To Give A Pleasant Smell. 1.8oz r# n# r# n#Blue Skies Scent r# n# r# n#35-0102-07 
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